WatchGuard Firebox M440

Découvrez en avant-première les caractéristiques du WatchGuard M440

Disponible à partir du 22 octobre pour la France

25 ports 1Gb/s et ports pour SFP 10Gb/s

Et 8 ports PoE qui sont  idéals pour alimenter les point d’accès AP100, AP102, AP200

WatchGuard M440, Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the WatchGuard Firebox M440?

A: The Firebox M440 is a new mid-range appliance from WatchGuard that offers a wide multi-port configuration that is not available on other WatchGuard models. It includes 25 1 Gb ports and 2 SFP+ 10 Gb fiber ports with integrated switch that supports full layer 2 bridge between ports. It can be purchased with just LiveSecurity, as a NGFW, or with full UTM services.

Q: Are there any other new capabilities?

8 of the ports support Power over Ethernet, making it an ideal platform to act as a Gateway Wireless Controller that can also provide power to WatchGuard Access Points.

Q: Does the M440 have redundant power?

All of the standard SKUs ship with a single power supply. A second power supply is available as an optional accessory so the appliance can run with two redundant power supplies. Rack rails are included with the second power supply to support the additional weight.

Q: What other accessories are available?

SFP+ transceivers are not included with the appliance. They can be purchased independently or from WatchGuard as an optional SKU.

Q: What are expected deployment scenarios?

M440 is ideal for Small and Mid-size enterprises to use as a wireless controller, or in environments where there are many VoIP accessories. It can save companies the expense and management overhead of purchasing another switch. The wide range of ports supports a comprehensive network segmentation for security.

Q: What security functionality is offered on the Firebox M?

A: The Firebox M440 supports all of the WatchGuard security services, including Application Control, IPS, GAV, Webblocker, spamBlocker, RED, DLP, and APT Blocker.

Q: In which countries is the Firebox M440 available?

A: The Firebox T10-W is available and certified for use in the United States, Canada, countries in the EU, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Q. Is Firebox M440 compatible with XTM devices?

A. XTM models and the Firebox M440 run the same Fireware OS, and are managed using the same tools including WatchGuard System Manager, the management servers, and WatchGuard Dimension.

Q: What support offerings are available?

A: The M440 includes all of the same support options as the existing XTM mid-range appliances. The NGFW and Security Suites include 24×7 LiveSecurity. Upgrades to LiveSecurity Gold are available.

Q: Is the Firebox M440 available on the Pay-by-Points program for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP)?

A: Yes.

Q: When will it be available?

A: The First Customer Shipment (FCS) of the M440 in the United States will be on October 8th 2014. The M440 will be available to ship internationally to Canada, European Union, Australia, New Zealand and Japan on Oct 22nd.

A press release announcing the M440 will be released on October 6th. The website will be updated to include M440 on October 6th, including a full datasheet including throughput specifications.


Voici la liste des références associées

WatchGuard Firebox M440 MSSP Appliance MSS440000
WatchGuard Firebox M440 1-yr Premium 4hr Replacement WG020018
WatchGuard Firebox M440 with 3-yr Security Suite WGM44033
WatchGuard Firebox M440 with 1-yr Security Suite WGM44031
WatchGuard Firebox M440 with 3-yr NGFW Suite WGM44633
WatchGuard Firebox M440 with 1-yr NGFW Suite WGM44631
WatchGuard Firebox M440 with 3-yr LiveSecurity WGM44003
WatchGuard Firebox M440 with 1-yr LiveSecurity WGM44001
WatchGuard Firebox M440 High Availability with 3-yr LiveSecurity WGM44073
WatchGuard Firebox M440 High Availability with 1-yr LiveSecurity WGM44071
WatchGuard Security Suite Renewal/Upgrade 3-yr for Firebox M440 WG019995
WatchGuard Security Suite Renewal/Upgrade 1-yr for Firebox M440 WG019996
WatchGuard NGFW Suite Renewal/Upgrade 3-yr for Firebox M440 WG019997
WatchGuard NGFW Suite Renewal/Upgrade 1-yr for Firebox M440 WG019998
WatchGuard LiveSecurity 24×7 Renewal 3-yr for Firebox M440 WG019999
WatchGuard LiveSecurity 24×7 Renewal 1-yr for Firebox M440 WG020000
WatchGuard LiveSecurity Renewal 3-yr for Firebox M440 WG020001
WatchGuard LiveSecurity Renewal 1-yr for Firebox M440 WG020002
WatchGuard Upgrade to LiveSecurity Gold 3-yr for Firebox M440 WG020003
WatchGuard Upgrade to LiveSecurity Gold 1-yr for Firebox M440 WG020004
WatchGuard WebBlocker 1-yr for Firebox M440 WG020005
WatchGuard Gateway AntiVirus 1-yr for Firebox M440 WG020006
WatchGuard spamBlocker 1-yr for Firebox M440 WG020007
WatchGuard Intrusion Prevention Service 1-yr for Firebox M440 WG020008
WatchGuard Reputation Enabled Defense 1-yr for Firebox M440 WG020009
WatchGuard Application Control 1-yr for Firebox M440 WG020010
WatchGuard Data Loss Prevention 3-yr for Firebox M440 WG020011
WatchGuard Data Loss Prevention 1-yr for Firebox M440 WG020012
WatchGuard APT Blocker 3-yr for Firebox M440 WG020013
WatchGuard APT Blocker 1-yr for Firebox M440 WG020014
Redundant Power Supply and Rack-Mount Rails Kit for WatchGuard Firebox M440 WG8582
Transceiver 10Gb Short-Range SFP+ for WatchGuard Firebox M440 WG8583